Team Sofia

Friends who worked together, supporting a friend.

Friends who worked together, supporting a friend.

Today I’m grateful for friends who help friends. A young wife and mom in my community was diagnosed with cancer for the second time recently. It’s a devastating and difficult journey ahead for this lady and the future is not certain. A group of friends in my community decided that we needed to do something to help this friend. Meetings were held and ideas tossed around.  In the end, we decided on a trivia night, where everyone comes as part of a team and works together to answer trivia questions that the emcee asks. It’s a night of friendly competition and lots of laughs. In addition, we had a bottle raffle, basket raffle, silent auction and 50/50 draw. The women of “Team Sofia” tirelessly canvassed our community, getting an incredible number of donations for the raffles and auction. The event was hosted at the Black Bull Neighbourhood Pub in Burlington, a perfect venue for the event.

Sofia was too sick too attend the trivia night, and her husband not desiring of all the attention. Original guesses of numbers were a few dozen people in attendance and perhaps a couple thousand dollars raised. The event ended up being far, far more than anyone imagined. We had to turn people away due to room constraints – more than 200 people came to show their support. The event wasn’t advertised publicly – everyone there either knew Sofia or was a friend of a friend. And, at the end of the night, over $9,000 was raised. Unbelievable. With many tears, the money was given to the family, to use for medical expenses that aren’t covered, or for anything else that might make their lives just a little easier right now.

This goes to show what can happen when someone has the desire to help someone else. It was an overwhelming night. The power of friendship has no bounds. For that, I’m grateful.


Café Gratitude

  I just discovered a lovely little    collection of restaurants online called Cafe Gratitude, with 4 locations in California. They are all about wholesome vegan, organic gourmet cuisine that supports health and sustainability for their communities and for the planet. Their “I Am Bliss Chocolate Mousse Pie” sounds absolutely delish, as does their “I Am Humble” Indian curried lentils. I think I would love just about everything on their menu. I appreciate their support of local farmers, and wish I could check out one of their workshops or classes in person! Just might have to visit California soon…

My Video

Here’s my first-ever attempt at creating a video. I didn’t even know I had iMovie on my laptop. It’s not perfect, but it was a lot of fun to create, and I definitely gained some new skills. The video includes interviews with my three sweet kiddos.

It’s a beautiful sunny Easter Saturday today – what are you grateful for?

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Celebrating 39

I’ve recently started writing for Balance My Life. The above link takes you to my most recent piece which was posted on the Facebook page. What does it have to do with being grateful? Well, even in grief and sadness, there can be hope and life, and I’m grateful for that!

Back to School

The end of the semester is inching closer and it’s a bittersweet feeling. I love that my Corporate Communications program is only one year (well, two semesters) long, and that I’ve learned everything I need to know in this short time. It makes me feel empowered, yet hopelessly unprepared all at the same time. I have truly loved being a student again and have really enjoyed the perspective of being a student in my thirties. I look forward to Monday mornings each week, happy to be back in class after a busy weekend.

My gratitude for today is school. I’m grateful to be able to afford (sort of) being a student and having such a great school with such a perfect program for me so close to home. I have great instructors (that’s for you, Eva!) and lots of great friends in the program. Mostly I am grateful to have an opportunity to be in school again and for my family who is supporting me this year!

First day of school for all four of us!


Family Fun


Gorgeous snow at Holiday Valley

This is where I was last week for my kids’ March break. We took a one-day trip to Holiday Valley for our last ski trip of the season. This photo was taken when we were there at Christmas – the trees weren’t quite so snow-covered this time. I think this is one of the most spectacular runs on the hill. This photo fills me with awe. The tranquility and purity feel almost magical.

Family times in beautiful places help me feel gratitude. I’d still rather be making sand castles on a sunny beach, but for now, I’m thankful for snow covered trees.

Reading Week


Today I am grateful for Reading Week. I didn’t go anywhere warm or relaxing (this photo was actually taken in October) and it definitely hasn’t felt like a holiday, but I got to sleep in a few days and get caught up on my homework. I made a massive to-do list and I’ve made some progress on it. Items checked off on my list is always cause for gratitude!